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Bluetown Group is one of the largest Condominium Developing Companies in China with over two decades of experience in building Condominiums and offering a premium service. Initiated as Greentown in 1995 and the company was restructed as Bluetown Real Estate Construction Management Group Co., Ltd. (Bluetown Group) on September 25th, 2010.

The company offers construction management services and advisory service for planning, design, budgeting, construction, and sales for government construction projects and property development projects in China. It maintains a leading position in the industry by virtue of providing high construction quality, its unique architectural aesthetics and customer-focused services, and its commitment to being the “No. 1 integrated service provider for an ideal life”. Furthermore, the Group is engaged in the business of building of unique towns, project management, asset operation and living services.

With over 23 years of development, the Group has over 300 member companies and its scope of business covers more than 20 provinces in China, autonomous regions, and direct-controlled municipalities. It has a presence in over 100 cities, having constructed more than 400 exquisite property complexes. The Brand value of the company is 8.806 billion Yuan (Rs. 211 Billion)

The Company included in the Forbes list of World’s biggest Public Companies.

In 2015, the Bluetown Group actively promoted and adopted an overseas strategic layout. This is evident through “Elegance” project implemented in 2017 in Thalawatugoda. The project hopes to cater to the efforts of building a beautiful city by providing an ideal lifestyle with quality and excellence.

The Company brings to Sri Lanka a wealth of knowledge and experience and would undoubtedly transform and redefine the Condominium Industry in the country.

Our values

We value the environment and therefore make every endeavour to maintain the purity and the beauty of the locations that we develop. As we design and construct condominiums, built to a quality that transcends customer expectations, we make every effort to ensure that it is a true work of art that you will be proud of, a home which epitomizes harmony, beauty and grace. As we pledge, we will open the doors of your new home on schedule….Because what we value most is your fulfillment.

Our Mission

To offer our customers good lives by being an integrated service provider and striving to create value for customers and holistically create beautiful cities.

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